Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Need a New Bag, Dammit!

It's true, I really do need one. I seriously haven't bought myself a grown up lady bag in a long time, maybe ever...:( Oh, the tragedy.
I was obsessing about this Michael Kors bag that lovely Marshall's was selling for about 40% off retail price, but the obsession has passed. I realized that maybe I want something not manufactured in China. Also, I really find Michael Kors to be irritating on Project Runway.

I'd be happy to receive or purchase any of these lovelies...

Smadar Shani leather tote

Ekaa leather bag   

Marketa leather mini clutches

Valhalla Brooklyn bag

Kinies canvas bag

Big Tree zipper bag

Paulina Carcach satchel

Saturday, October 9, 2010

10-10-10!!! Also it's my wedding anniversary

Dear Jes caketoppers
My husband, who I lovingly refer to as my hunky piece of man-meat, and I were married two years ago. Between the two of us this was 4th time we were experiencing a marriage ceremony so we decided to scrap the well-planned, gorgeous, detail oriented affair that I would have dreamed of doing (again...ahem) and sign ourselves up for a courthouse affair.Cost: $80!

Our guests, which numbered around 40, were invited via Facebook and arrived at the courthouse at 8:00am sharp in order to be processed through federal security (most weddings don't have security guards, so clearly we high rollers here). Due to the large number of attendees our lovely judge allowed us to get married in the courtroom rather than his cramped chambers.

Alas, the amount of wedding guests streaming into the courtroom inspired a variety pack of "interesting" witnesses who were seeking judgments, court-appointed attorneys and restraining orders to follow our group. Thus we were married in front of family, friends and felons on October 10th, 2008.

So, despite the fact that "wedding season" is over I dedicate this post to sweet finds for all those courthouse brides and grooms. Love you man-meat!  

Ellen Vintage silk clutch
Your Fairy Tale Wedding dress
Pixel and Hank boutonnieres
The Jewelry Chateau bracelet

My Pretty Little Things feather headpiece

Mary and Angelika silk bolero
Jewel Box Ballerina flower tutorials

Button Empire pinback buttons for marrieds

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Camping: Another great reason to stay at the Hilton.

So my oldest stepson is in the middle of his week-long Outdoor School experience somewhere in the great Oregon outdoors. He seemed excited enough, you know since he's a boy and, inexplicably, enjoys camping. As he departed I was struck by the memory of my own Outdoor School experience in sixth grade. That was back in the early 90's, pre-widespread general use of  cell phones and email. I distinctly remember feeling that I would probably never see my mom again since wherever I was seemed eons away from our comfy  Portland home. In fact I was only 30 miles away from home. But still...

Anyone who sort of knows me is well aware that I still HATE camping with a visceral passion that runs deep in my city girl veins. It's not the wilderness or nature or feral animals that bother me, I'm just fine with those things. It's the waking up in the middle of the night freezing, needing go to the bathroom sans indoor plumbing, runny nose and cold toes (hey, that rhymes), campfire-smell-that-never-leaves-your-clothes part that really irks me. Also, it's 2010, why are people sleeping in the woods? Shudder...

Now I'm not trying to turn a new leaf or anything (yes, that was an attempted pun), but I thought I would try to find some elegance in this entire  hell on Earth camping thing people seem so jazzed about. Rusticism (as long as it's part of well-intentioned decor and not too far from a Hilton) lives!
Pomp and Plumage boutonniere
Kylie Parry Studios woodland charms
Terrills Tiles, Save the Date magnets
Household Words chipmunk wall decal

Gray Works Design cake plate
Natural Sewn woolen acorns

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Blessed Fall is upon us!

Colorful leaves twirling to the ground, crisp Autumn afernoon strolls through the park and all that other poetic stuff that people say about this time of year. Yippee!

 My new favorite color is coming back into season: orange. A difficult color to pull off sometimes, but worth the risk when it's done right.

Atelier TPK Rococo Shawl pattern, NYC
Coralie Beatrix convertible maxi dress, San Clemente
Flokatii Obi, Australia

 Rachel Jane NYC zebra print dress, NYC

Winds of Change dress, Bangkok

Little Veggie Monster 50's Vintage Slip, Pennsylvania

Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's Eat!

Ahem, I've been gone for quite some time. Please forgive me. In the past 18 months I've gotten pregnant, had a baby, adjusted to lack of sleep and free time due to raising a baby and have generally been the busiest bee I know.

Now that the cooler weather is upon us; the air is crisp, the leaves bright and I've successfully lost all of my baby weight (!) I've been thinking a lot about food. MMMMM.... food. Apple cider, pumpkin spiced lattes and other pumpkin-y baked goods, elephant ears at the Corn Maize, soup in bread bowls.... yum.... Plus, I've been thinking about adding some food-theme items to my collection of appliques on etsy.

Here's some inspiring food finds this week. Enjoy!

Felt foods are so super cute they make me squeal! Check out these lovelies from Fairy Fox.

The Tiny Fig sells squeal-worthy jewelry, t-shirts and other items of cuteness. I particularly like these french toast studs.

Um, I'm sorry but these minis are pretty much the cutest things ever! Bravo to Allie's Minis for clearly having much more patience than I do.

I need these booties for my baby. Now. Sushi Booties

Twin sets by Bambina Mia. Makes me want to find some twinsies to give these to.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sweetest of Peas

I'm in a super crafty mood lately. Looking for inspiration everywhere, anywhere, you know?

What better place to find fabulous creative ideas, but from your loved ones. Mine is my husband, a.k.a, my Sweet Pea.

I'm working on a Sweet Pea collection for my Little Mama's Designs shop. Hopefully it will be up soon.

In the meantime here are some cuter than average Etsy finds. Sweet Peas!